Who we are?

The Water Science Alliance eV is an initiative to strengthen as well as to improve the position and visibility of water research

  • community based, self-governing representation of German water community with public access for researchers as well as interested parties and stakeholders from authorities, ope- rators and water management
  • registered as non-profit association leaded by democratically elected management board and advised by the perspective of an international scientific advisory board
  • providing instruments for effective networking
  • pooling of competences and infrastructures in the German water research
  • working on complex and interdisciplinary questions in ‘the- matic clusters’
  • integrating function as a “mouthpiece“ for the German water research
  • increasing influence opposite national decision-makers and the EU, e.g. in developing research programmes
  • improving of knowledge and technology transfer in the appli- cation, politics and society
  • improving of general and international visibility and competi- tiveness of German water research
  • promotion of young scientists

Water Research Horizon Conference (since 2010, EN)

Water Science Alliance Workshops (since 2015)

During the 1st WRHC 2010, the following six research areas were defined and worked out in the so-called ‘White Paper‘.

in Germany and in the international context esp. focusing on the synergies between the relevant parties and stakeholders:

Structure and process



Water Research Perspectives Commission (since 2018, DE)

Interactive Online-Portal ‘Water Research’ (since 2012, DE)

The community and members are encouraged to develop further instruments – ideas are welcome!