3 Water Research Horizon Conference

10/11 July 2012 | Berlin – Umweltforum

New Perspectives in Integrated Monitoring,
Assessment and Management
in the Water Sector

The main conference themes of the 3rd WRHC were based around White Paper research fields 4 „New Approaches to Observation, Exploration and Data Assimilation in Water Research“ and 2 „Managing Water Beyond IWRM: Target Setting, Instrument Choice and Governance“.

The Water Research Horizon Conference is promoting new ideas supporting novel interdisciplinary approaches to support bridge-building between different researcher groups from different disciplinary backgrounds and from different researcher communities.


Please find the full program of the WRHC 2012 here.

The conference is not a scientific conference, where research results and projects are presented. We are seeking a new perspective to open questions, new ideas and stepping stones that may promote a strengthening of the community by pushing forward cooperation in fields that up to date lack interaction and knowledge about each other.

Invited German and international speakers will present their ideas on the two main topics of the conference. Open Space Workshops proposed and prepared by interested scientists serve as a platform for discussion with researchers and practitioners from different research fields.

All presentations of the sessions are available by request -    if you are interested please, contact Jörg Seegert.

    • Opening_Krebs_WRHC2012
    • 3WRHC2012_Session1_Harter
    • 3rdWRHC2012-Session1-Drewes
    • 3rdWRHC2012-Session1-Hering
    • 3rdWRHC2012-Session1-Morgenroth
    • 3rdWRHC2012-Session2_Rubin
    • 3rdWRHC2012-Session2_Kunstmann
    • 3rdWRHC2012-Session2_Gessner
    • 3rdWRHC-Session3-Ahlheim
    • 3rdWRHC-Session3-Schlueter
    • 3rdWRHC-Session3-DeRoo
    • 3rdWRHC-Session3-Reese
    • 3rdWRHC-Session3-Steward
    • 3rdWRHC-Session4-Pauwels
    • 3rdWRHC-Session4-Schaedler
    • 3rdWRHC-Session4-Haakh
    • 3rdWRHC-Session4-Barry
    • 3rdWRHC-Session4-Bertrand-Krajewski
    • 3rdWRHC-Session5-Zreda
    • 3rdWRHC-Session5-Wulfmeyer
    • 3rdWRHC-Session5-Hajnsek
    • 3rdWRHC-Session6-Bjoernsen
    • 3rdWRHC-Session6-Horn
    • 3rdWRHC-Session6-vonKeitz
    • 3rdWRHC-Session6-Paetz-extended abstract