5th International Multidisciplinary Conference on Hydrology and Ecology – HydroEco 2015

13- 16 April 2015 – Vienna, Austria The conference focuses on advances in monitoring, predicting and managing hydroecological processes. This is the fifth HydroEco Conference. The four previous meetings were held in Karlovy Vary (Czech Republic) in 2006, Vienna (Austria) in 2009 and 2011, and Rennes (France) in 2013. The aims of the Conferences are: 

International Conference on Integrated Hydrosystem Modelling – IRTG 2015

7 – 10 April 2015, University of Tübingen, Germany The intention of this conference is to discuss the state-of-knowledge and to give directions and incentives for future research in modelling coupled terrestrial hydrosystem at catchment scale, including atmospheric and land-surface processes, surface-water bodies, and processes in the unsaturated soil zone and in groundwater. About 15