Former WRHC – review

Overview of the last Water Research Horizon Conferences

The following pages include information about all former Water Research Horizon Conferences starting with the

1st WRHC in 2010 with the topic “New Initatives in Water Research” followed by the

2nd WRHC under the subject of “New Concepts in Model Development and Data Integration for Understanding Water, Matter and Energy Fluxes at Management Scale”, the

3rd WRHC (“New Perspectives in Integrated Monitoring, Assessment and Management in the Water Sector”) and finally the

4th WRHC in 2013 within the thematic frame of “Water Scarcity & Global Change”.

Since 2014 the event – initiated and for the first four years organized by the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research – UFZ is carried out by the Water Science Alliance in cooperation with the Senate Commission on Water Research of the German Research Foundation (DFG-KoWa).

As established in the last conferences of this series, two main overarching themes were set:

“Water in urban areas” and ”Extreme events – understandingenvironmental processes in real time, whose results available at 5th WRHC!

Each page also includes the slides of most of the presentations held during the conferences.

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