7 Water Research Horizon Conference | announcement

28/29 June 2016 | Dessau – Umweltbundesamt


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Water quality in a changing world

Sufficient supply of water with an appropriate quality is fundamental for health and well-being of hu­mans and ecosystems. Degradation of water quality trans­lates directly into social, eco­nomic and eco­logical impacts. Shifts in climate, land use and hu­­man po­­pu­lation are drivers for water quality develop­­ment in a rapidly changing world. This requires adequate responses and adap­tion strategies in mana­gement, policy and technology in order to achieve our water quality targets in an effective way.

In this context and as established in the last conferences of this series, two main overarching themes were set:

Drivers of change

  • Climate change and water quality
  • Land use change and water quality
  • Demographic change and water quality

Further and detailed information about the programme will follow by end of March 2016!

Ideas and input for contributions to the topics as well as first proposals for the Open Space Workshops are already welcome – please contact Jörg Seegert!

The 7th Water Research Horizon Conference will focus on the effects of global change on water quality, on the aquatic systems responses, and on options for adaptation. The soundness of scientific know­ledge to predict cause-effect relationships, the suitability of policies to achieve good water quali­ty, their effec­tiveness and flexibility in the face of changes as well as the opportunities of existing and advanced technologies to reach these goals will be discussed. An overall goal of the conference is to identify knowledge gaps to des­cribe the effects of global changes on water quality as well as to identify research needs to develop adaptation strategies.

Responses and adaptation

  • Water quality and standards
  • Water quality and ecosystem functioning
  • Water quality and resource recovery

This year’s conference include the Kurt Eberhardt Bode foundations’ award ceremony.

The WRHC is organized by the Water Science Alliance with support of the Senate Commission on Water Research of the German Research Foundation.