2nd Water Research Horizon Conference
8/9 June 2011 | Berlin
“New Concepts in Model Development and Data Integration for Understanding Water, Matter and Energy Fluxes at Management Scale”

The conference focussed on strategies and concepts of how to tackle the challenges described in research fields 3:

“Understanding Matter Fluxes at Catchment Scale: Safeguarding Our Health and the Environment”

and research field 5:

“A Community Effort Towards Model Development and Data Integration in Water Research”

The goal of the conference is to initiate activities and projects in the frame of the Water Science Alliance – thematic clusters.

Please find the full program of the WRHC 2011 here.

All presentations of the sessions are available by request – if you are interested please, contact Jörg Seegert.

    • Opening_Teutsch_WRHC2
    • Opening_Kraus_WRHC2011
    • Opening_Weber_DFG_WRHC2011
    • Opening_Sivapalan_WRHC2011
    • Opening_Bardossy_WRHC2011
    • Opening_Rao_WRHC2011


    • Session1_Barry_WRHC2011
    • Session1_Bronstert_WRHC2011
    • Session1_Bloeschl_WRHC2011
    • Session1_Samaniego_WRHC2011


    • Session2_Lettenmaier_WRHC2011
    • Session2_Kolditz_WRHC2011
    • Session2_Putti_WRHC2011


    • Session3_Rauch_WRHC2011
    • Session3_Erbe_WRHC2011
    • Session3_Krebs_WRHC2011
    • Session4_Zehe_WRHC2011
    • Session4_Wagener_WRHC2011
    • Session4_Fleckenstein_WRHC2011
    • Session4_Cirpka_WRHC2011


    • Session5_DeRoo_WRHC2011
    • Session5_HendricksFranssen_WRHC2011
    • Session5_Natschke_WRHC2011
    • Session5_Schulz_WRHC2011


    • Session6_Stamm_WRHC2011
    • Session6_vanCappellen_WRHC2011
    • Session6_Venohr_WRHC2011